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I have extensive experience with sales and business processes, business ownership, franchising, mentoring, and consulting with business people for all of the above. If you are curious about how I can help you, please touch base with me.


The best that can happen is, that I assist you with getting headed in the right direction or overcoming a fear about owning a business.


The worst that can happen is, you make a new connection.

Office Setup
Shake on It
Franchise Consulting


Are you frustrated at work, and want to "do it for yourself"? Perhaps you're struggling as an independent small business owner, and want to get involved in a business with a proven history of success? I can help you become a franchisee in a business that is just the right fit for you!

SCORE Mentoring


Susquehanna SCORE provides free business advice to small business owners, and entrepreneurs interested in starting a small business. As a Certified SCORE Mentor, I can help you navigate the winding roads of business ownership. No matter what type of business, I can help you find the right path.

Referrals & Introductions


Since I've lived and worked in York, PA almost my entire life, it stands to reason that I know a lot of people! If we have met, and you find yourself asking "I wish I knew someone who...", remember to reach out to me. I'll be happy to give you contact information and introduce you to someone to help you with             .

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